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Training Grants open

Training Grants applications are now open. For more information and the application form please view the grants page.

16th International Seabird Group Conference

The XVI International Seabird Group Conference is being organised by the research group ECOTOP (Ecology and Conservation of Top Predators) based in Coimbra, Portugal. The ECOTOP is part of the Research Centre MARE (Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre) and the Associate Laboratory ArNet (Aquatic Research Network). The ECOTOP members Jaime A. Ramos, Vítor H. Paiva, José Xavier, Ana Cláudia Norte, Filipe R. Ceia, Jorge Pereira, Pedro Miguel Araújo and José Seco welcome you to the University of Coimbra, established by King D. Dinis in 1290, from 2 to 6 September 2024.

We will have an exciting programme to present the latest seabird research, together with social events that characterize the cultural and student atmosphere of the University of Coimbra. There will be two and a half days of talks and posters complemented by Keynote speakers, workshops for early career scientists and an optional day of fieldtrips.

Further details and registration can be found on the conference website:

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Grants update

Recent grant calls have received a lot of interest. In 2022, six applicants were awarded a research grant, three in each of our February and October calls.

  • Joe Wynn, postdoc at the Institute for Avian Research, Germany, was awarded a grant to use auk ringing recovery data for his project "How do seabirds decide where to breed?"
  • Sarah Morgan, PhD student at Cardiff University, was awarded a grant to investigate the Puffinosis disease in Manx shearwaters on Skokholm Island, Wales.
  • Jim Lennon, on behalf of the Shiants Auk Ringing Group, was awarded a grant to conduct a survey of European Storm Petrels on Shillay (Monach Isles) in Scotland.
  • Chloe Cargill, PhD student at the University of Aberdeen, was awarded a grant to develop an international collection of non-invasive biological samples for the North Atlantic black-legged kittiwake.
  • Laura Shearer, Seabird Conservation Scientist for the Ascension Island Government, was awarded a grant to investigate the dispersal and breeding success of a recovering seabird colony after removal of an invasive predator on Ascension Island.
  • Samuel Healing, MSc student at Lancaster University, was awarded a grant to study the influence of seabird nutrient input on the intertidal ecology of the Farne Islands, Northumberland.

We congratulate our grantees on their awards and wish them success with their project. Seabird Group members will be able to read reports of these projects in one or two years’ time in the Seabird Group newsletters, or in our SEABIRD journal.

The Seabird Group has two annual calls for research grants, one with a submission deadline of 31st October and the other closing on 28th/29th February. For more details see our grants page.