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A resident Northern Gannet Morus bassanus on Christiansø in the central Baltic Sea

Peter Lyngs

Christiansø Fieldstation, 3760 Gudhjem, Denmark.

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In March 2012, a Northern Gannet Morus bassanus (hereafter 'Gannet') in full adult plumage arrived on the small Danish island of Christiansø (55°19'N 15°11'E) in the Baltic Sea. As it only constituted the second record on the island (the first was of a bird migrating by in April 1988), it caused quite a lot of excitement, especially as it remained there, sitting on rooftops and in the small harbour.

In spring 2013, the Gannet began building a nest in the harbour, firstly on some large sacks of gravel. But as the gravel was being used daily, the sacks were removed and the Gannet then chose to build a nest close to a power-socket pole in the busiest part of the harbour where the daily ferries with tourists and goods moor. Since then it has maintained its nest there, remaining on the island year round...


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